Where to photograph the Eiffel Tower

The eiffel tower is by far the most iconic and well known landmark, and immediately screams paris when you look at it. When you come to Paris you are definitely going to want to take pictures with it, and I am here today to tell you my favorite sports to photograph in this beautiful city. It’s obvious that you can get your picture right at the foot of the tower, but if you want to have more original pictures, this guide is for you; read on and i will tell you about my favorite locations around Paris to shoot the eiffel tower, and the best times of the day to go. 

Ponte alexandre III

This is personally my favorite bridge in Paris, because of its stunning gold pillars and black lamp posts along the sides that branch out of the white railings. It is extremely aesthetic on its own and makes the perfect picture opportunity, but is also a great location for taking eiffel tower pictures. At this spot, you can see the tower subtly in the distance so I would recommend it if you want a more subtly Paris photo. For the best lighting, I would recommend going here in the afternoon so that the sun doesn’t make your photos appear glary.

Pont de bir hakem

This bridge is also one of my favorites, and is reall;y similar to ponte alexandre III in terms of the railing on the sides. The difference here is that it is a closer location than Pont Alexandre, and gives you a more close up shot of the Eiffel tower in the background; it is also great because you can see more of the body of the Eiffel tower. This is a great spot to go to early in the morning, as the sun will make your photos appear clear and focused. 

Road in front 

Have you ever wondered how people got pictures right in front of the eiffel tower, as if they were on the road in front? Well… it turns out you actually have to stand in the middle of the road! Although this is a risky photo location and I am not promoting it, it makes a great shot as you can see the whole tower right behind you and perfectly centered. It looks especially amazing at night. I would suggest taking pics here in the evening so that the sun doesn’t make your pictures glary, and so that the road is less busy. 


This is one of my favorite spots as well; it is a park typoe place that is directly behind the eiffel tower, but still a distance away. It has a huge field you can stand in to get the eiffel tower behind you. It also has stairs with ramps along the sides that you can sit on to get the illusion that you are leaning in toward the eiffel tower. I would recommend going here between 2-5pm so that the sun is past the point of making your photos look blurry and out of focus.