How to spend the perfect weekend in Prague

Prague is such a beautiful city, and I’m sure you’ve heard people rave about how pretty it is as well. If you’re also a budget traveler, this will be your dream destination! 

I’m going to tell you all about my experience in Prague and give you a run down of everything I’d recommend you do in a weekend.

First of all, I am creating this focusing on a weekend trip, however I genuinely would recommend only going for a few days as it is not a massive city, and a few days is more than enough to experience what Prague has to offer. 


First of all, if you’re planning on spending your time in Prague, I would not recommend renting a car as you genuinely won’t need one; the city is extremely walkable and as it is a busy city, it likely is not that efficient to drive around. 

They have a metro system if you want to get across the city, and they also have trams. I personally walked everywhere, and it took about 30 minutes to cross the city end to end by foot. 

Getting to the city from the airport

There is a bus (bus 100) that runs about every 30 minutes directly outside the airport to the city center. It cost about €‎2.6 and took 20 minutes.

You can purchase tickets in a ticket booth outside, and the bus itself was really easy to find.

What to do

Infinity book tower

This one is really cool because it is a tower of books with mirrors that gives the illusion that it is infinitely deep. 

You can find it in the library and it is free to see.

Charles bridge

This is one of the most famous bridges in Prague, for its beautiful architecture. It is really pretty and you can see amazing views of Prague on both sides. It is especially nice on a sunny day, as you can see how colorful the city is.

Old Town Square

This is definitely a must see, it is super picturesque and has so many attractions all in one. Here you can find the astronomical clock, which is a massive ancient clock, the church, and an old town at the other end. Branching off in each direction are also small streets with tons of cultural shops lining them. It is a really touristy area, but it is also really pretty. 


This one is one of my favorites, because I always love viewing points in cities. There are a few hundred stairs for you to climb, but when you reach the top there is a park with a viewpoint of the whole city; the view of course is stunning. 

Dancing House

This one is fun because it is these two buildings that are curvy and look like they are dancing. Although they were probably my least favorite thing to see, some people swear they are a must see in prague. You can go inside them if you’d like, as there is a restaurant with a 360° view of the city, as well as a gallery. 

Chimney Cakes

These are a traditional eastern european treat, and I also remember trying them in  budapest. If you haven tried them I would recommend you do, as they’re a sweet taste of culture. They are dough rolled in sugar & cinnamon that is then cooked on a rotisserie flame. You’ll be able to see (and smell) the carts all over the city in random spots or as shops along the street. 

Parc Cihelna

This is the location where you can get your fairytale Prague photos. It is a small park on the side of the river, overlooking the city; there is an especially great view of charles bridge There are often many swans along the edges, which give it that magical look.