Budget guide to Singapore

Singapore, one of the most advanced cities in Asia, has a rep for being extremely expensive, but from personal experience I would not describe it as such. 

Singapore definitely gets a rep for being expensive as it is more costly than its neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam that are known fro being “cheap” but Singapore is definitely still more than doable if you want to stick to your budget. In this guide I am going to tell you all of my budget tips for visiting, as well as loads of free or cheap activities you can do.


Singapore is a massive city, and you are going to want to get all over in order to see everything! Singapore has the MRT, which is the subway; it is amazing because it covers pretty much the entire city and will get you to where you want to go. It is also labeled with many signs, so don’t stress about not knowing how to use it because it is really explanatory.

You can pay for the MRT with a credit card, or you can purchase tickets at the station. Each ride is 1.25SGD, which is a great affordability option.


Even though I am going to give you a list of free things to do, I would most definitely also be recommending them if budget was no factor.

  1. Supertree grove 

Out of everything I wanted to do in Singapore, I was most excited for supertree grove. The park is made up of 18 supertrees, and they are much more than trees! They have live plants that grow up the sides of them, making them look like real fake trees. I would also recommend seeing them at night as well, as they out on a free light show, garden rhapsody, twice per night. 

The park itself is massive so you could easily spend half a day wandering through. You could also spend way less time, making it a great option to fit your schedule as well.

  1. Botanical garden

This is a massive park as well; it is stunning and absolutely worth a visit. Don’t get it confused with the flower dome which is right next to the supertree grove; the botanical arden is on the other side of the city! It is extremely easy to get to though, as it has its own MRT station. This park is massive and over 1km long, and if you love plants it is amazing as there are so many tropical species. If you want to see the orchid garden, it is 3SG with a student ID. 

  1. Little India

This street is also a must f you go to singapore! It is super colourful and stretches for a few blocks to give you a taste of india. You could also easily spend half a day wandering these streets and exploring all the food and clothing stalls. 

  1. Sentosa island 

I personally found this to be one of the most underrated gems in singapore, it is not talked about that much but is stunning. The islands are made up of 4 clusters, each with its own purpose. The great part is that you can get a free train from marina bay sands over tot he island, and access to the island is free as well. This is the perfect option f you want a beach day with some of the most stunning beaches ever.

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