Most Instagrammable Places in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is by far one of the most underrated cities and you will soon see why! Going into the country I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect, and barely had any expectations; I was soon blown away by the beauty of this city and couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about it sooner as a popular destination. As soon as we got off the plane I could already tell by the nice airport that the city would be well worth the trip. Everything was so clean, and the streets all had amazing architecture. Although you could probably walk around to any street and have your pictures turn out great, I’m here to share with you my favorite photo spots in the city that are definitely well worth it. Be sure to click on each of the pictures below as well, to see how I took my pictures for my instagram.

1. Fishermans Bastion

This was honestly the only spot I had heard of when I was planning on going to Budapest, and checked it out right away. I was expecting it to be pretty, but it well exceeded my expectations.The wall is the perfect place to sit, and the view gives the most stunning background ever; you can see over the entire city and it looks like a fantasy. I’d also recommend getting there just before sunset, and the whole city will be glowing behind you, it is quite the sight!

2. Fisherman’s Bastion Castle

This castle is right behind the lookout point, and has tons of opportunities within. You can go upstairs and all around it, giving at least 3 different stunning picture locations. My favorite angle was right in front of it, which displayed the detail and beauty of the castle. The roof of the castle is also amazing as you can get right in front of the turret .

3. Parliament across the River

This is super easy to access, and makes a great photo location while you’re on your way to the bastion. If you take the subway across the river, you will have to transfer to  a tram to get to the bastion; the best lookout is right in front of where you get on the tram. It is also gorgeous around the evening when the sunset glow lights up the parliament giving you yet another stunning shot.

4. St. Stephen’s Basilica

This spot was a complete surprise to me, and I was happy to find it as it made a great shot! I would recommend standing in the side street in front of it, that is lined with little shops. This gives the illusion that there is a long corridor behind you, with the basilica giving a really pretty background. This is also a great spot to show off your outfit, as the corridors point the focus on you.

5. Lion’s Gate Bridge

This was also one of the points of interest I was looking forward to seeing. This green bridge on the west side of the city leads to the pest side of the city, and has super nice views of the whole city as well; it totally gave me Rio de Janeiro vibes with the statue looking over the city. This bridge is great for a seated photo, and bonus points to you if you can capture your shot with the famous yellow tram passing by in the back!

6. Budapest Eye

The Budapest Eye is one of Budapest’s classic landmarks, and there’s no way you could miss it. The Budapest Eye towers over the Buda side of the city, giving both a fun ride and view as well as the perfect picture opportunity. I would recommend visiting it after St. Stephens basilica, as it is practically right next door. There are also so many angles and locations to see the Budapest eye from, giving you as many picture opportunities as you can imagine!