Amsterdam City Guide

Amsterdam is one of the cutest cities in Europe, and I would definitely recommend planning a visit soon! It is built upon numerous canals, with an endless number of shops to explore along the way. This guide will give you the best general guide for your next trip, composed from the top city city tours and must-dos.

Getting around

As you probably know, Amsterdam is famous for its cyclist paths, and almost everyone gets around by bike; there are by far more cyclists than car drivers in the city. You can definitely rent a bike for quite the affordable rate, and find your way around the city easily by following the bike trails that are found on every road in the city. 

Walking is also a great option to get about; personally I found that you can cross the entire city in under 40 minutes, which is quite doable. 

Did you know there are nearly 900,000 bikes in Amsterdam? There are bikes parked along pretty well every fence and bridge, and you will be shocked to see how many bikes fit into the public bike docking stations just outside of the city center. 

Things to do

Amsterdam is a great city because it has such a diverse selection of shops and activities to do and explore, you are sure to find something for you! 

If you want to get a city tour, I would highly recommend taking a canal tour, they are generally about €10 each; they are a great way to see a great portion of Amsterdam, accompanied by an audio guide to give you more information. 

I would also highly recommend trying the famous stroopwafels and waffles! There are tons of shops around every corner, you could dine in or take one on the go and enjoy it as you take in the adorable views of the Amsterdam streets. 

The Anne Frank house is also a must see sight, especially if you are really into history. You are not allowed to take photos, so that makes it that much more special as you have to experience it for yourself in order to see what it’s all about and fully take in its deep story. There can be extremely long lines, but you can purchase your tickets in advance to ensure you get in; make sure to get your tickets well in advance, as they sell out quite quickly!

Bloemenmarkt is one of my top recommendations as well! It is this massive floating flower market on the canal, composed of multiple boats. Each shop in this market sells different types of tulips and other Dutch flowers; you can get bulbs to take home to your own garden, as well as many other souvenirs such as magnets, mugs, and even rubber tulips that look extremely realistic and are another great keepsake from your trip!