A perfect & unique way to spend a day in Monaco

Monaco is a small country located on the border of France and the whole place is straight out of a movie.
If you’re already in the south of France and are looking for the perfect day trip or weekend getaway, I cannot recommend a trip to Monaco enough. 

If you are already planning on staying in the south of France, I would definitely recommend staying there and doing a day trip to Monaco rather than spending the night; this is because it is a very short journey and will just make things easier overall. 

If you are staying in Nice (like I did), the train is from Nice station and costs 4, taking only 20 minutes. As Monaco is very small, the train arrives in the center of the city and you can easily get anywhere by foot. 

Exploring monaco 

As I said, the country is not very big and everything is quite close together, making it really accessible to walk; I was able to walk the perimeter in about 30 minutes.

If you would prefer to not walk, there is public transit or you could rent a car, however it likely isn’t worth it as you would have to park and walk anyways.

What to see

Race track

This is one of the most famous race tracks in the world, and you could even catch a show if you wanted. 

Monaco is known for its high wealth citizens, and you will see many fancy cars around the city and in the show. 


The casino is also a massive landmark in Monaco; of course you can go in for yourself and play or you can just pay a visit and look around. There is also a beautiful garden outside where you can enjoy and relax. 


If you like viewpoints, you can climb up a few hundred stairs to the rock historical sight, where you can overlook the city and have beautiful views of the ocean. There are also many little shops and restaurants you can go to and spend some time. I think this area was my favorite part of my visit to Monaco, as it was so pretty. 


Another fun thing to do is simply walk around the city. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the architecture, cars, and even the roads; everything looks so fancy and as if you’re in a real movie set. 

When you’re done with your day in Monaco, simply hop back on the train and you’ll be in Nice in 20 minutes!

Anyways, I hope this can inspire you to see Monaco for yourself, and as always follow me on instagram for more photo inspiration & sign up to my newsletter to be notified about new guides!

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