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Unique and Fun Paris City Guide From a Local

Although London is by far my favorite city, I also adore Paris so much! The whole city gives off classy happy vibes, and you are sure to fall in love with the city as a whole! 

This guide will give you the perfect 3 day itinerary so you can have the best time in this beautiful city.

Day 1

  • Eiffel Tower
  • La Seine
  • Ponte Alexandre III
  • Trocadero

Day 2

  • Louvre
  • Montemartre
  • La Maison Rose
  • Eiffel Tower Light Show

Day 3

  • La Favorite
  • L’arc de Triomph
  • Printemps

Day 1: Welcome to Paris

Welcome to Paris! You’re probably so excited to see the Eiffel tower, and that is exactly where we’re headed today! There are so many amazing places throughout Paris where you can get your dream view of this amazing landmark, and you can find my favorite spots here. These spots are all relatively central and close to one another, so whichever you choose will be amazing and work with the rest of today’s itinerary; you can also visit multiple of these locations to get even more of the Eiffel Tower experience. 

The Eiffel tower has three levels that you can choose to attend if you wish to go up the elevator; this is quite the experience for many reasons. For starters the elevator ascends on an angle which feels super weird. It is a great experience for sure because of the stunning Parisian views you will see at any level you choose. 

After you see the Eiffel tower at all angles, I’d recommend you take a stroll along the Seine river; it stretches through the city center of Paris and has so many sights along the way, including several beautiful bridges that make good lookout points and river views. Personally, my favorite bridge is Ponte Alexandre III. I love this bridge so much because of its massive gold pillars and black lamp posts along the way; it also has really fancy railings at both ends, and makes for another great spot to view the eiffel tower. 

Not too far along after Ponte Alexandre III on the west side of the river, you will find yourself at Trocadero; this spot has one of the most famous spots to see the Eiffel tower because of its stairs and ramps that make a stunning shot and viewpoint. 

Today’s plan will probably take about half the day, which is perfect for the first day as you will probably have spent half of it with arrivals. 

Day 2: sightseeing and the light show 

Today we are starting our day by heading to the Louvre; you could get tickets to go inside the museum and see the famous Mona Lisa, or you could stay in the courtyard and admire the amazing architecture. The Louvre is absolutely stunning and is another great photography spot. 

After visiting the Louvre, we are heading to Montmartre, the northern region of Paris. This area is much quieter than the central hub of Paris, but is still gorgeous and has really cute sights. Just outside of the metro you will find a massive hill with an amazing lookout; the metro station itself is also a great photo opportunity. 

While you’re here, you will find loads to do just by taking a stroll around; there are so many little parks and shops you are sure to easily spend an afternoon checking out whatever grabs your attention.

This region is also where you find the famous maison rose, a cute pink house at the side of a hill; it totally gives French countryside vibes and is also a great photo opportunity. 

Tonight is exciting because we are going to see the light show at the Eiffel Tower! After sunset every hour for five minutes, the Eiffel Tower sparkles and displays the most magical light show in Paris! I personally thought it was the prettiest thing ever and would watch it all night if I could! At 1am, it is slightly different as the entire tower completely shuts off and twinkles gold and silver, whereas other hours it twinkles but the body remains lit up as well. 

Day 3: Goodbye Paris

Today we are going to see the last few parts of Paris before we leave. This day is perfect because you don’t need that much time at any of these destinations, making it super easy to do before your departure, whatever that time may be.

We are going to start by heading over to La Favorite, one of the cutest Cafes I’ve ever seen. It is perfect to start here because you can grab a coffee to start your day, all while enjoying how cute it is. The outside is filled with pink flowers and the inside is adorable as well. 

From here, I recommend hopping on the metro across the street and heading to the Arc de Triomphe; you will arrive right at the foot of the Arc. It is stunning and massive in person, and is a great sight to see. 

Depending on how much time you have today, you could also head down the street from the Arc and into the department store Printemps; it is about a 20 minute walk and has a few lookout point at the sixth floor that gives you the most stunning view of paris, with the Eiffel tower in the back; I would highly recommend going here at sunset to add even more to this view. 

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