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5 Unique Things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore

If you’re headed to Asia, Singapore is an absolute must. It is very modern and is also known as the garden city for being so lush and pristine. On top of that it is extremely safe and not at all crowded. As it is a city, you can spend 1-3 days here and experience all it has to offer. I would highly recommend starting your trip to Asia in Singapore because it is a great city to start getting adapted to Asia as you will be extremely safe and have the opportunity to adjust to  the new cultures and timezone. 

Singapore is known to be really expensive, but in reality it is just more expensive than the popular neighboring Asian countries. To give a reference, the Singapore dollar is almost the same as the Canadian dollar, and I found prices to be either the same as in Canada or slightly cheaper overall- so don’t be concerned that it will break the bank, it just is not “cheap”. That being said, you can definitely travel to Singapore on a budget and I have even more tips here. 

Supertree Grove

Maybe I’m biased because it was on my bucket list for YEARS but supertree grove is an absolute MUST! Supertree grove consists of 18 supertrees spread out throughout the park. It is completely free to enter the park, and it is really nice to even wander throughout as there are so many pretty flowers and massive plants to see, it feels like a mini jungle. Keep in mind also that the park is absolutely massive, and if you enter from one end it may take at least 30 mins to get to the other end of the park. 

One thing I found really cool is that the trees are all solar powered, which definitely contributes to Singapore’s sustainability efforts. The trunks of the trees also have live plants growing up them. 

As I said, even though it is free to enter the park and see the supertrees, ifg you would like to go up the trees and walk along the bridge, it is SGD10 (about $11 CAD for reference). You can purchase your tickets at the foot of the trees and you can go up for as long as you would like. There is a really great view from the top as you can see the Singapore flyer, Marina Bay Sands, the park, and even the ocean! 

I would recommend visiting Supertree grove in the morning so that it is not too crowded- I visited around 10am and I found it was not crowded at all. 

Merlion Park

Merlion park is another free thing to check out in  Marina bay! It is a statue that is half lion, half mermaid (hence the name). It’s a fun thing to check out and get touristy pictures with. There are a few smoothie stands nearby, and it is also a great place to sit and eat lunch/snack outside while you take in the views from the rest of marina bay.

Cloud Forest

The cloud forest is also one of the main attractions at marina bay. It has one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls, as well as so many lush tropical plants to admire. 

Unlike supertree grove, I would definitely recommend buying your ticket in advance as it is cheaper than buying it in person. I would recommend going to the cloud forest in the morning either before or after supertree grove, so that it is not too crowded but the sun is up; it has a sunroof which brings in so much natural light, so you’ll want to go during the day while it is bright! 

Flower Dome

The flower dome is an exotic greenhouse with 9 different gardens inside, each offering a different theme and variety of plants. The flower dome is literally so magical, and will have you feeling like you’re in the set of alice and wonderland. Just like the cloud forest, I would recommend getting your ticket in advance as it is cheaper; if you want to visit the flower dome and the cloud forest, you can even get a bundle ticket for both and you’ll save even more!

One thing to note about the flower dome is that it is not the orchid garden, and if you want to visit the orchid garden you will have to get to the other side of the city! The orchid garden is much cheaper though to visit and is also very worthwhile. 

Marina Bay Sands

Lastly, you can’t miss Marina Bay Sands itself! It is a massive building which has everything you need and almost seems like a mini city in itself. If you walk in from outside you’ll be in the shopping mall area which has access to the MRT, food court, lots of shopping, drinks, bars, hotel, etc. The mall itself is a,so really futuristic and even has a river with boats at the bottom! I’d recommend going to Marina bay sands in between other attractions if you need a break from the heat or just want to chill out for a bit. 

These are 5 really cool things to do that I would highly recommend adding to your Singapore itinerary. Although there’s lots to do in marina bay sands, I would 100% recommend branching out as well and exploring other things Singapore has to offer. If you need inspiration, check out my singapore guide herefor more (budget friendly) things to do! 

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