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How To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Split,Croatia: Everything You Need To Know

How to spend a weekend in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia in my opinion is a SUPER underrated destination, and deserves way more credit. I actually only discovered Split as a destination earlier this year, but knew I had to visit once I saw a few images. The aspect that really attracted me was the old vibe and the buildings that all had a rustic feel as well.

I visited Split in April, right before the wave of tourists that flood Europe every summer. I honestly would recommend April as a good month to visit, because the weather was warm enough to wear summer clothes, but there were not many tourists meaning it was not that crowded, and relatively slightly cheaper than in the peak summer months. 


Split itself is a pretty small city, and you can easily get from one side to the other in 30 minutes or less. I definitely would not recommend renting a car as you really won’t need it, unless you plan on driving elsewhere in croatia. 

When I arrived at the airport, I took a city bus into split, and it was 2.50; the driver accepted payment by card or cash and it took roughly an hour and 20 minutes.

Where I stayed 

I chose to stay at a hostel as I was solo traveling and wanted to have the opportunity to meet people while there. I stayed at En route hostel, as the vibe seemed like the vibe I was going for. I genuinely really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend it as a hostel to anyone visiting Split. 

My favorite part about this hostel was that the dorm rooms were massive, adn the beds were all really spaced out. They also had lockers that locked with a key (provided upon checkin) and had curtains which made the beds really cozy.

The whole hostel overall just felt really really clean, probably one of the cleanest hostels I’ve stayed at. 

They also had a massive common aea to hang out in and meet other travellers. Certain nights of the week pub crawls were organized as well, which is always a super fun way to meet other travellers and go out together. 

I also really liked how they had a fully equipped kitchen, which was great for making your own meals. 


I had not really researched the cost of things in Croatia, before my trip, and was pleasantly surprised by the cost of everything. As I live in London, everything seemed so much cheaper and because of this I would highly recommend Split as a destination for budget travelers who want a destination that not only fits in their budget but is gorgeous as well.

Average costs:

Beer: 1.5

Meal: 6

Public transit: 2.5

Hostel: 10

Where to go out

One really fun place to go out, especially if you are a solo traveler, is charlie’s backpacker bar. The vibe is amazing and it is centered around connecting backpackers from all over. They even have a challenge where you can win a charlies tshirt. 

Things to do

Here’s a list of my favourite things that I did while in split:

Križ na Marjanu (lookout point)

If you’re ok with climbing a few hundreds steps, I would 100% recommend you check out this lookout point  because it is literally STUNNING! You can see the whole of split, as well as the surrounding mountains. The steps honestly are not even steep, and it takes less than 10 minutes to climb them. There is also a massive park behind the lookout point, that would be the perfect place for a picnic or just to relax throughout the day.

Riva wak

The riva walkway is where the city meets the ocean, and I just fond it a really nice part of split. Palm trees line the sidewalk, and there are benches you can sit and relax on all along. It is also a great spot to take pictures as you can have the oceana nd part of the city in the back, and of course the palm trees. 


If you love cats, get excited because they are EVERYWHERE in Split! There are also multiple “cat houses” throughout where the cats all gather. There are organizations that provide food for them and give them medical care if necessary; although they are wild, since there are so many people in the city that engage with them, they all seemed to be quite tame and rather friendly. 


There were markets surrounding Christiansburg palace every day I was there, which were weekdays, so I’m assuming they may happen every day. They sold a selection of fresh produce, bread, clothing and souvenirs. There were also some markets behind the old town that had large selections. 

Walking around

I think my favorite part of visiting Split wss just aimlessly wandering around and taking in the city. I especially loved walking around the old town; it felt like a maze once you’re inside but the stones and shope were all so cool to check out. For me the architecture seemed to be inspired by a mix of Greece and italy. 


There is a beach in Split, however I would not recommend paying it a visit. The sand was pretty hard and it just wasn’t the crystal blue beach you probably have in mind. If you want a beach day, I’d suggest doing a daytrip to a beach nearby. 

Diocletian’s palace

This was beautiful, and is quite central in Split itself. I would suggest going early (before 10am) because there were so many tourist groups constantly visiting, making it really crowded. I did not do a tour of the palace, I just walked around and took it in; you really don’t need much time here, I’d budget 30 minutes max.

How long to go 

I visited Split for 3 days, and it was more than enough; I would honestly have found one day to be enough because it just isn’t a massive city. If you are planning on doing day trips however, I’d suggest you plan for 1-2 days in Split and then one day per day trip (so that you can have accommodation in Split and travel each day).


If you’re looking for a European city that is stunning, affordable, and not too touristy I think you’ll love Split. I felt completely safe the entire time and the people were very friendly and welcoming. If you want to see more pictures from my trip be sure to follow me on instagram! 

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