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Unique And Stunning Photo Spots In Nice, France

As you’ve probably heard, the south of France is famous for its beauty and French summer aesthetic. I would totally agree that the whole region is any photographer and instagrammer’s dream come true. In this guide I’m going to share with you my favorite photo spots from the south of France 

1.The Negresco 

This building is a classic to nice, it is on the main strip that looks over the ocean, right next to a famous casino. It is gorgeous and such an iconic building that is a key symbol of the French Riviera nightlife. I would especially recommend it if you like more neutral tones in your feed, as it gives a mix of a nice backdrop mixed with a fancier shot. 


If you want to get your perfect beach pics, I would for sure recommend taking them at the beach in Nice. I would say it is one of my favorite beaches due to the color of the water; it is one of the most blue beaches I’ve come across. There are spots on the beach where you can also get palm trees in the background, and some of the Nice strip if you’d like. Another iconic element of the beaches in Nice are their white and blue striped umbrellas; they look super cute in pictures and make it clear that you got to visit the beautiful Nice beaches. 

3.Castle hill lookout 

This is probably my favorite photo spot in all of Nice. Once you finish climbing the hundreds of stairs, you will reach the lookout point that gives you not only a stunning view of the city, but several picture spots that will be sure to spice up your feed and camera roll. Another great part about this lookout spot is that it gives you the option of either getting a view of old town or the port of Nice; I would recommend taking your pics over the Nice port earlier in the day, and your pics looking over old town later in the day in order to get the best lighting. 

4. Old town 

Old town is a really cute spot to take pics in Nice; the whole area has cute bright tones of yellow and orange. Old town is also not that big, making it easy to walk around and find your favorite spot in no time. It is also fun just to explore this little town, and take in all the south of france summer vibes. 

5. Vieux Port Nice 

This spot is also a great picture spot and will give you the summer look you’ve been seeking. If you stand at the south side of the port, you can get the marina in the background as well as the hills of Nice. It is definitely a great spot to display the beautiful south of France ports and summer vibes.

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