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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

1. The water goes 2000 meters underground where lava flows & is heated to 240 but is 38-40when it reaches the swimming area.

2. The silica in the water will harm your hair! When showering before put so much conditioner in your hair (like 3x the normal amount) and leave it in while you enter (there are showers for before you enter). I’m sure you may have heard the horror stories of people having brittle, straw like hair after the blue lagoon, but soon;t worry this shouldn’t deter you from visiting as it is quite avoidable! Keep your hair tied up and don’t go underwater while in the lagoon so that your hair does not get immersed in the water. Even if you go neck deep, the conditioner on your hair will protect it from any water that splashes onto it. I personally had my hair up with lot of conditioner in it, and my hair was completely fine. You also of course have the option to shower again before leaving, so you can rinse the conditioner out before you go.

3. The silica will also damage contacts so wear glasses if you need them instead.

4. Included in your ticket is a free drink, face mask, towel, locker; they give you a bracelet upon entry that you can pay with and then you pay the balance as you leave. This is really helpful because you can leave all your belongings in the locker, and not worry about losing anything while in the lagoon. If you want to take pictures while in the lagoon, I’d recommend you bring a waterproof case for your phone! I personally didn’t even think to do this and risked my phone for my blue lagoon pictures, but luckily it was fine.

5. You have to shower before you enter (for sanitary reasons). Of course thus is to keep the water sanitary, but also mainly because any residue on our bodies can throw off the mineral balance throughout the lagoon. The showers are really nice, there are multiple stalls; body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are also provided.

6. The water can heal you! This of course is due to the extremely high mineral content in the water. If you spend at least half an hour here you will likely notice the change in your skin as soon as you get out; it makes your skin silky smooth. The silica and soldier are those responsible, and they are especially great for helping with psoriasis.

7. You can watch the northern lights from the Blue Lagoon. If you book your ticket for night time, you can stay while it is dark, and watch them from the lagoon itself. It is a great area too, as it is outside of the city and not surrounded by. much light pollution.

8. The Blue lagoon is not in Reykjavik. It is in a nearby town called Grindavik, which is about a 50 minute drive from Reykjavik and a 30 minute drive form the airport. Since it is also so close to the airport, the Blue Lagoon is the perfect activity to do if you have a layover in Iceland.

9. The colour of the water really is that blue. This is because of the high amounts of silica, and it is honestly so pretty!

10. The Blue Lagoon is not that deep. At it’s deepest point, it is 1.6 meters deep. This means most people can comfortably stand in it; it is also likely a drowning hazard as you cannot see more than 1/2 foot into the water.

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