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Where I Stayed In Palma De Mallorca

I went to Palma De Mallorca, Spain this past may and absolutely loved it! While visiting, I stayed at Boc City Hostels, and I absolutely loved it! I’m going to be sharing my experience with you and why you may want to stay here as well.


The hostel was located at the east side of Palma, and was honestly a greta location! As Palma is quite small, it is super walkable and you can pretty much cross it in half an hour or less. If you are coming from the airport, you can take the bus to the city centre and then walk about 12 minutes to the hostel. The hostel is on a really colourful and cute street, and I definitely felt safe in the area at all hours of the day.

Common Spaces

You could really tell that Boc City Hostels has a huge focus on commit and making sure each traveller has a great time. The staff were extremely welcoming g, and made it clear that they were there for you to help at any time.

I have been to many hostels with only one common community space, however Boc City Hostels had so many! There was a movie/tv room, sofas in all of the hallways, a rooftop patio with bean bag chairs, tanning beds and a pool! They also have a massive kitchen, a courtyard, and a few other rooms with seating where travellers can hang out and meet each other.

This hostel was also perfect for anyone who works remotely, as there was so much desk space and quiet areas that were also super comfy. They of course also had free private wifi so that travellers don’t have to worry about security or not being connected.

Dorm Rooms

The rooms were also really nice. They had a bathroom, shower, sinks, beds, and lockers; the lockers would open and lock with the room key. What set them apart from other hostels I had stayed at was the way the beds were positioned; instead of having the curtains go sideways, the curtains would go across the foot of the bed ad the beds were all like cubbies in the wall. I found them to feel quite cozy and private. The beds also had sheets and a pillow, hooks, and a charging port that had USB ports as well.

There where also windows that opened in the rooms which was great because dorms can definitely get quite stuffy as well. They had a nice view too, of the neighbouring buildings.


Aside from the Hostel having lots of common spaces for travellers to hang out and connect, you could that they also had a huge focus on community building and wanted to make sure everyone had a great time. They also did a family dinner night, where a massive meal was prepared and all the travellers could eat together.

In front the elevators they had a board that posted the happenings of the night and of the week, such as activities, games, or bar nights. These were all such great ways to get connected with other travellers, and it really made the hostel feel like a community.


Boc City Hostels was by far one of the cuter hostels I have been to. They had live plants everywhere, and as I love plants my self I of course loved this aspect. They also had really cool lighting that really added to the overall ambiance.

All of their decor and furniture definitely had a fun aspect, and was unique in some way. For example they had bean bag chairs throughout, and on the pool deck they also had bean bag chairs, and tanning beds.

There were also many unique features that made them stand out, for example they had a coffee bar downstairs where you could make you own morning coffee. They also had a stunning pool on their rooftops which was amazing as I had never seen a pool at a hostel before!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I would definitely recommend this hostel to any traveller looking for a place to stay that can accommodate their every need, and provide an opportunity to connect with others. As you may have noticed, I really don’t have any complaints or anything bad to say at all. I hope you get the chance to stay here as well, and enjoy your time in Palma! See below as well for my YouTube video where I give you a personal tour of Boc City Hostels myself.

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